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The Cincinnati Health Collective, fueled by CrossFit, is proud to welcome you to CrossFit Cincinnati. The original CrossFit affiliate in Cincinnati, and one of the first 500 CrossFit affiliates in the world, CrossFit Cincinnati was among the most forward-thinking functional fitness environments in the early days of the CrossFit movement. Under new management as of April 1, 2021, CrossFit Cincinnati is positioning itself at the forefront of functional fitness once again with innovative programming, integrative wellness coaching, nutrition training and coaches who are relentlessly driven to deliver CrossFit at the highest possible level. The CrossFit Cincinnati community is strong and vibrant and full of athletes who deeply care about their journey to maintain and improve fitness over a lifetime.

CrossFit Cincinnati welcomed Rae Hatten, CF-L2, as the new Head Coach and Gym Manager in late April, 2021. Rae’s much anticipated return to Cincinnati positioned her to elevate the fitness ecosystem at CrossFit Cincinnati to the next level in the practice of functional fitness and general physical preparedness. While we never know what life will throw at us, CrossFit helps us to confidently face whatever challenges arise head on.

CrossFit Cincinnati strives to help you achieve your fitness goals, meeting you where you are. We believe fervently that CrossFit, when done well and coached exceptionally, has the ability to transform your health and build life-long fitness. If your body came with an instruction manual, CrossFit would be that manual.  Our coaches are deeply committed to teaching you to move safely under load, optimize your performance and understand the “why” behind your fitness journey.  Our community is welcoming and kind, committed and principled, and we have a lot of fun working together on our health and fitness.

Come see what we are doing and explore our community— we want to meet you and would be honored to have join us.

CrossFit Cincinnati
CrossFit Cincinnati
CrossFit Cincinnati
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