Jordan Bonomo MD, CF-L1




Phone: (513) 558-0652

Professional Certifications

  • Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician
  • Board Certified NeuroCritical Care Physician
  • CF L1
  • CF Mobility
  • Doctor of Medicine, Brown University
  • Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine
  • Fellow of the Neurocritical Care Society

Personal Bio

Jordan came to CrossFit nearly 6 years ago after an athletic career playing rugby in college, competing in MMA and then endurance sports including Ironman distance triathlons and ultra-running. An Emergency and Critical Care Physician and former tactical physician on the Cincinnati Police SWAT Team, Jordan focuses his coaching on helping athletes work through mobility limitations and understand the bio-mechanics of movement, translating CrossFit’s functional exercises into sustainable movement patterns applicable to real life. His love of anatomy and geeky obsession with mobility lead to a focus on form and stability to enhance safety under load. A physics dork as well, he loves to imagine the formulae at work as a barbell floats along a virtuous path from floor to overhead. An aficionado of the split snatch, Jordan works to provide safe movements for athletes of all abilities and movement capacities. Married to another member of the box (Andrea) Jordan is well-versed in understanding the frustration of always being beaten by your spouse in CrossFit and offers one-on-one coaching to work through the frustration

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